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Dubai, Knowledge Village

Dubai Internet City, DIC 13 hp Building 2nd Floor, Office 220. 500306, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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About Samtech Middle East

At SamTech Middle East we flourish with giving creative and solid GPS vehicle following answers for partnerships hoping to assist the achievement of their armada vehicles and transportation resources. Our best in class programming was created by actualizing years of experience and criticism from our industry accomplices. We offer an easy to understand and consistent application that permits our accomplices to concentrate on what truly matters, driving a positive Return On Investment (ROI). For quite a long time, GPS following innovation has turned out to be advantageous, valuable and basic device to various associations all through the world. As the prominence and versatility of GPS innovation keeps on developing, huge utilizations for GPS innovation have additionally expanded, particularly among organizations in the matter of moving or transporting products, individuals and/or administrations. Numerous organizations have energetically processed and looked for GPS advances through Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) answers for track an indispensable and costly organization resource, their vehicle armada. Be that as it may, existing suppliers of AVL arrangements/armada administration have drawn closer the business with an attention on the GPS equipment, and have ignored the need of going with equipment with telematics programming.

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