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Address : US Headquarters (EST) 1320 N. Boulevard Richmond, VA 23230

Phone Number : +971-4-2285683 , +1 804 355 1692

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Its 2004. Nasa's Spirit Rover lands on Mars. Google presents Gmail. NBC's Friends leave their keys on the kitchen counter and clear the flat, connoting the end of a period. Then in the lighting business, Steve Pendlebury, a previous Global Business Director at Honeywell, was working diligently with his group building up a radical new electroluminescent innovation. His goal was clear: challenge the way the world uses light. This innovation got to be what Light Tape® is today. In under 10 years, Light Tape® has advanced toward each side of the globe while winning business with worldwide organizations, for example, Boeing, Disney, and Audi. What's more, that is just the starting. We are continually pushing limits, presenting new items, and taking care of the requests of a perpetually developing world. Can you envision what light will look like in the following ten years? We can, let us light up you.

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