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Address : Al Rashidiya, Ajman United Arab Emirates

Phone Number : +971-55-8601117 , +971 55 860 111 7

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About SBM Bird Control Solutions

SBM Bird Control, The Bird Control Specialist We offer a broad line of fledgling impediments to take care of winged animal issues in business, modern and private settings. Feathered creature B-Gone items are made in the USA and convey industry driving certifications. Our group of flying creature control specialists can help you pick the right item and give establishment guidance for your particular circumstance. Fowl Spikes Fowl Netting Fowl Jolt Electric Flat Track Fowl Spiders Fowl Repellent Mist Goose Repellent Fowl Wire Fowl Slope Visual Deterrents Sound Deterrents Straightforward Bird Gel Fowl Repellent Fowl Shock Electric Track Item Highlights: Our Bird-B-Gone Spike Stainless Steel fowl spikes highlight a no-crevice outline, wont cut or harm the installer and can twist 360 degrees without breaking. Our Stainless Steel fledgling spikes accompany a 10 year guarantee, and in 4 distinct widths for all feathered creature issue circumstances. Ideal for discouraging Pigeons, Seagulls and bigger winged creatures. OurBird-B-Gone Spike Polycarbonate plastic winged creature spikes are made of an UV and Weather safe polycarbonate plastic, a solid, unbending base and spike, and are offered in 6 standard hues (any custom shading accessible!). Our Polycarbonate Plastic fledgling spikes accompany a 5 year guarantee, and are simple introduced with paste, screws or tie-downs. Ideal for Pigeons, Seagulls and bigger flying creatures. Our Bird Slope edge eliminator is a progressive approach to keep bug flying creatures from roosting, perching and settling underneath overhang and edges. Winged creature Slope is produced using a U.V Protected Outdoor gradePVC, and is offered with extenders to stretch the territory of scope to 10". End tops are additionally accessible to close open territories from winged creatures and the components. Flying creature Slope is easy to introduce and accompanies a 2 year guarantee. Ideal for any bug feathered creature

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