Abbadi Establishment

Abu Dhabi,Airport

Address : No.516 , Pinnacle Building , Shaikh Zayed Road Dubai , U.A.E.

Phone Number : +971-2-6315848 , 00971 4 392 77 74

Fax : +971-2-6210452

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About Abbadi Establishment

Ghanim Abbadi Trading Company (GAT) is producer of Gilsonite (common black-top), Bitumen 60/70,Bitumen 80/100...oxidized black-top - blown black-top oxidized bitumen115/15,oxidized bitumen 90/40,oxidized bitumen 85/25 and bituminous items. Gilsonite is GAT brand name for the mineral known as asphaltum, uintaite, Natural bitumen, mineral tar, characteristic black-top, mineral bitumen, bitumen powder, boring mud, or uintaite, which is found in business amounts just in Utah, USA. This interesting mineral is utilized as a part of more than 160 items, essentially in dull shaded printing inks and paints, oil well boring muds and concretes, black-top modifiers, foundry sands added substances and a wide assortment of synthetic items. Gilsonite or normal black-top or regular bitumen or mineral black-top is good with microcrystalline and paraffin wax, petroleum tar and oil saps, tall oil pitch, vegetable oil (linseed, soya, and so on), petroleum process oils and petroleum black-top. Likewise we are giving Blown Asphalt or Oxidized Asphalt or Blown Bitumen or Oxidized Bitumen 115/15 or Oxidized black-top 115/15 or blown bitumen 115/15 or bitumen 115/15, Oxidized Bitumen 85/25, Oxidized Bitumen 95/15, Oxidized Bitumen 100/15, Oxidized Bitumen 150/5, Oxidized Asphalt 115/15, Oxidized Asphalt 85/40, Oxidized bitumen 85/40, Hard black-top or Hard bitumen, all evaluations of Oxidized Bitumen will deliver as per request.

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